Home is where the heart is…

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I was reading an article by Jaclyn Smith called “The Blessings of Home” in Guideposts magazine and why Jaclyn says there’s no place she would rather be. In the article she talked how her home feels, how she enjoys being surrounded by things that mean something to her and how her home is always open to those she cares about.

She talks about being surrounded by her dogs, her books, antiques, photos of the family and surprisingly, how being thrifty has been a way of life. She then tells us more about how she got into home decor and how she turns her home into a sanctuary. It’s a good article and you can read it at by clicking here.

The article set me thinking about how we can better make vacation homes a sanctuary for our guests and how we can embrace some of the things Jaclyn says makes her home so special. The one thing we have already done to help is by allowing our guests to bring their pets with them. No longer does a member of the family have to be left behind. Pets are so important to so many people and they complete a family. That’s why we now allow pets to stay in some of our vacation homes.

Another thing I observed was  Jaclyn’s comments about the importance of books, pictures and other possessions that make the home seem like a sanctuary. Books are a key component of a relaxing vacation. Personally I enjoy nothing more than a nice day beside the swimming pool with a glass or two of something nice and a good book. Many of our vacation homes have small libraries and this is something we encourage our homeowners to grow so that our guests can also enjoy lying by the pool to read.

Pictures are also important to us. We love to visit the vacation home and take pictures of families enjoying themselves when they are happy to let us do so as this helps us create a memory for each member of the family by then sending the photo’s to them. We also enjoy receiving our guests stories and pictures as they enter our competition “Friends Don’t Let Friends Stay in Hotels“. This is the competition where guests can win a free vacation by submitting their vacation story to us and going into our annual prize draw.

As jaclyn says homes are important and we believe that when people go on vacation they want to feel as if they are staying in a home away from home. We work hard to find those touches that make a vacation home a sanctuary after a day out at one of Orlando’s theme parks but it’s always nice to learn from other folks, especially when they come in the shape of someone who has been so successful.

Incidentally, Jaclyn’s TV show “Shear Genius” is about to enter it’s third season the network announced this week. I have to say this is great news for Jaclyn fans and it never ceases to amaze me how fantastic she looks for someone now in her 64th year. To me, she looks even better now than she did in 1981. What do you think?

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