Hotels Pile on Fees, Making Vacation Rentals Look Even Better

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I came across this article by Alfred and Emily Glossbrenner of

Is it bait-and-switch? Not exactly. The quoted room rate is what the traveler will pay. But many travelers will be surprised and probably angered when they see the final bill.

As the Wall Street Journal notes, some hotels, feeling pressured to lower their advertised room rates in order to compete effectively, are trying to make up the difference by charging extra for things that used to be included in the nightly rate. Needless to say, many guests check out mumbling “Fool me once…” and “I’ll never stay here again.”

All of which adds up to a golden opportunity for owners to present their no-hidden-fees VR properties as a welcome alternative. Please click here for more details:

And as Joyce Copeland of Beach Vacation Rental Blog says, the hotels only have themselves to blame. Here are 5 things you are unlikely to pay for when you rent a vacation home (at least in my experience):

1. Internet/Wi-Fi

2. Parking

3. Local telephone calls

4. Laundry (most rentals have a washer a dryer)

5. Gobs of Gratuities (for the valet, the bellman, the maid, the guy who brings you room service)

Here at Florida Leisure Vacation Homes all of that list is FREE . Every home has a washer and a dryer, you can pull right up on the driveway outside your home (no dragging bags down endless hotel corridors) and most homes do have free internet hook up. All local calls are free of charge and gratuities are not expected because we pay our staff extremely well!

Also, we don’t have “resort fees” as your own private heated swimming pool is right outside your back door and is included in your rental fee!

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