Houston Astros Spring Training Begins At Osceola County Stadium

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This Saturday, 3rd March, sees Houston Astros spring training program begin with a home game against the Washington Nationals at the Osceola County Stadium.

The Astros will play 15 games at the stadium and the full schedule looks like this:

Single – Game Ticket Prices:

  • Dugout Box Seats – $24
  • Outfield Box Seats – $22
  • Upper Reserved Seats – $20
  • Outfield Reserved Seats – $15

Premium Games:
Add $3.00 per ticket for these premium games
(Cardinals, Yankees, Phillies, Detroit)

  • March 13 vs Philadelphia Phillies
  • March 20 vs St. Louis Cardinals
  • March 27 vs Detroit Tigers
  • March 31 vs New York Yankees

Two for $28 Deal
Two (2) tickets, Two (2) Hot dogs and Two
(2) Cokes all for $28
Outfield Reserve Seats

  • March 6 vs New York Mets
  • March 18 vs New York Mets
  • March 23 vs Washington Nationals
  • March 28 vs Atlanta Braves

All You Can Eat Menu
Ticket Price: $24 (limited seats) Outfield Reserve Ticket
Menu Items: Hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, Coke fountain drinks and bottled water
Time: From gates open till the 7th inning

  • March 5 vs Atlanta Braves
  • March 9 vs Toronto Blue Jays
  • March 15 vs Toronto Blue Jays
  • March 30 vs Atlanta Braves




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