“How Far To The Beach From A Florida Leisure Vacation Home?”

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Summer’s here in all it’s glory and high temperatures abound. One of the top questions we get asked in our office by guests contemplating visiting the Orlando area is “How far is it to the beach from one of your vacation homes?”

Guests really love to do a beach day or two after spending time at the fantastic Central Florida theme parks. While it’s true a lot of guests also like to have “home days” where they stay poolside in their vacation home rental, a lot of folks also love to spend sometime at the beach as well.

The answer to the question is really fairly simple as Orlando really is only a 6o to 90 minute drive from the beaches on either the Atlantic or Gulf Coasts depending on where you choose to go. That’s right, just an hour after setting off from your vacation home you can find yourself relaxing at the beach.

If you choose the shorter 60 minute drive will you arrive beachside on the Atlantic coast with relative ease. The ocean is usually a little cooler on that side however and that’s why, depending on time of year, a lot of people prefer the warmer Gulf coast. The Atlantic does have one advantage though and if you love waves lapping in around you and bobbing up and down, then you’ll stand more chance of doing that over there than you will on the more placid Gulf coast.

Just this last weekend, I made the slightly longer trip to St. Petersburg and St. Pete’s beach. On the way there it took 85 minutes and on the way back slightly less at 80 minutes. With careful planning and avoiding the main congestion times in the Tampa area your journey will be trouble free and very enjoyable. Driving down I4 towards Tampa is usually a doddle and it’s made quite interesting as along the way you’ll see places like Fantasy of Flight, the Water Ski museum and Hall of Fame and about halfway between Lakeland and Tampa you’ll want to keep an eye out for what’s pictured below!

The St. Petersburg area is a fun place to be. It has a fantastic art culture, some excellent museums, fabulous dining choices and of course, a wonderful beach where you and your family can simply relax and enjoy each others company. If lying on a beach all day isn’t your thing, make sure you check out the Dali Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Pier area and a fabulous book store called Haslam’s.

So yes, it’s possible to do all this in a day away from your vacation home.

Here’s 10 Sun Safety Tips:

1. Apply a broad spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

2. Use a ping pong ball sized amount of sunscreen to cover your entire body.

3. Re-apply every two hours – even on a cloudy, overcast or cool day.

4. Completely coat all exposed areas of your face and body. Don’t forget ears, neck, nose, shoulders and backs of your hands, arms and legs.

5. Cover your lips with a sun protective lip balm.

6. Check expiration date of your sunscreen. If you use sunscreen properly, it shouldn’t last more than one season.

7. Seek shade whenever possible and always reapply sunscreen after you get out of the water.

8. Wear a broad brimmed hat – preferably with a rim of at least two inches instead of a baseball hat.

9. Protect your eyes with UV- protective sunglasses.

10. Wear sun protective clothing – for example, tightly woven cotton, including long pants and long sleeved shirts as often as possible.

Have fun!

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