How the USA Screws Itself with Foreign Tourists – Part II

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It really defies belief, it really does.

Hot on the heels of my rant from yesterday (here – if you missed it) about the ridiculous immigration lines greeting foreign guests when they arrive in the United States, we now find yet more bloody stupidity about to make said traveler’s life a misery. In the latest bright spark, or is it hair brained, idea it now seems that foreign guests are now going to be subjected to being finger printed before they can leave the country.

According to an article in the New York Daily News, foreigners leaving the country through any of the nation’s 30 busiest airports will now have to undergo mandatory fingerprinting under an amendment that senators added to a sweeping immigration bill on Monday. I mean, how much more nonsense can they subject people to?

Lawmakers are hiding behind the flawed logic that a more expansive biometric system can then use identifiers such as fingerprints to keep track of immigrants and visitors exiting the U.S. They then go on to spout that currently there is no such system is in place. Really? What the hell do “foreigners” have biometric passports for then? And, why is this only important to the 30 busiest airports? What about those that leave via another location? Don’t they matter?

It utterly bemuses me of the kind of dumb ass thinking there is in the most powerful places in Washington. Not content with being responsible for the biggest economic mess in history, these fools now seem to want to put into place every conceivable method they can design to prevent people visiting the country and spending their money here. Lord knows what extra cost this is likely to entail, but one thing’s for sure, you can bet the thinking is, “if they want to visit our shores, they will pay up.” They couldn’t be more wrong.

Hands up if all you can see is yet more chaos at the airports, yet more flight delays and even more visitors determined never to come back.



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