It’s a MAGICal Time in Orlando … Let Dwight & Kobe pay for your vacation

It’s a MAGICal time to be in Orlando … the sky is blue, the sun is out and the Orlando Magic are in the NBA Finals.

To celebrate this great achievement we are going to let Dwight & Kobe help you pay for your next Florida Leisure vacation … that’s right … we are going to let these two superstars determine how much you should pay next time you stay in one of our superb vacation homes.

All you have to do is e-mail us at and tell us in how many games you think it will take the Magic to dispose of the Lakers. I pick 4 … but then I may be a shade biased. But this is no time to be modest … sure we’re facing the Mighty Lakers and their 15 Championships, 30 Conference Titles and 31 Divisional titles … but so what? They’ve been around for about 1000 years.

We are the “New Kids on the Block” except bigger and with more tattoos, not sure I want to hear us sing though … plus we already have won 2 Conference and 4 Divisional Titles … plus we just dumped LeBron and his overinflated ego out on his butt!



Kobe … You’re NEXT!!!!!!



Anyway, back to this great competition … e-mail me at and tell me how many games (Best of 7) you think the finals will go to … also let me know who will be the MVP for the series and 5 (that’s right … FIVE) lucky winning entrants will be drawn out of the hat and will receive 5% per game discount off of their next stay in a Florida Leisure vacation home … that’s a MINIMUM of 20% just for sending me an e-mail.

Make sure I get your entry before Game 4 which will take place on June 11, 2009 and remember GO MAGIC … let’s make Kobe and his gang BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!




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