It’s Open… The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Well, it’s open… 23 minutes late and finally the curtain we have been waiting to drop dropped! Harry Potter himself came out to greet the waiting hordes and was accompanied by other cast members to open the new attraction.

The first guests to see the newly opened section of Islands of Adventure theme park were some schoolkids from several elementary schools in Virginia, Denver, Oklahoma and Texas. A few fireworks then went off and guests were then invited by Harry Potter to enjoy the park. Let the fun begin!

10.15m UPDATE:

Universal has said there is a 4-6hr wait from Toon Lagoon… LOL! Yes,
there are wait times from TOON LAGOON!!!!

10.30am UPDATE:

Forbidden Journey now has a 16 hour wait!!The line goes all the way out into Citywalk!!!

11.15am UPDATE:

The lines continue to build outside Islands of Adventure.

11.30am UPDATE:

Just got news that Universal closed the doors at 11.00AM. Some people were very unhappy about it.

2.15pm UPDATE:

Reports coming in that the Forbidden Journey ride has broken down.

2.30pm UPDATE:

Our reporter on the ground reports:

“2 girls fist fighting in front of families & huge line. Humanity goes crazy over Boy Wizard. Security going crazy.””Crowds are insane right now. Ride is already @ a 120 mins wait & crowds are all the way @ the Hard Rock Cafe.””Suit telling our portion of the crowd that it’s 4 hrs to get in from the IOA gates.””News from the queue! Line jumpers in Lost Continent cause “mini riot” and get escorted out”

3.00pm UPDATE :

“The FJ ride is still working, the line for Potter wraps around the whole park. The lines for the other stuff are getting long now. cat in the hat is 45 and Spidey is 85 … Universal did not plan this well at all.”

Here’s a video from this morning…

6.00pm UPDATE

Here’s more photo’s of the lines around City Walk today

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