Jeff Bezos’ Space Company Blue Origin Announces Lift Off in Florida

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Amazon Inc. Chief Executive Jeff Bezos earlier today announced an approximate $200 million investment to build rockets and capsules in Florida, and then launch them from a nearby Cape Canaveral launchpad that hasn’t been used for a decade.

Surrounded by Florida Gov. Rick Scott as well as various national and local politicians, Mr. Bezos said his closely held company, Blue Origin LLC, planned to create 300 jobs as part of its initiative.

Bezos, who over the years has kept many details of Blue Origin’s plans private, said the space startup will use historic Launch Complex 36, located on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, which among other firsts launched the initial American spacecraft to visit other planets.


“We’re not just launching from here, we’re building here,” Mr. Bezos said at the news conference. “LC36 has stood silent for more than 10 years — too long,” he continued, “We can’t wait to fix that.” 

Blue Origin hopes to begin launching new orbital rockets and capsules before the end of the decade, and it intends to test its BE-4 engine in Florida. The company’s plans also include constructing a vehicle integration and assembly facility near the launchpad. Bezos said the company hopes to launch people from Exploration Park later this decade and the new facility will have some economic benefits as Florida Governor Rick Scott said the new facility will help to invest $200 million locally and create 330 new jobs.

Today’s announcement represents a big boost for an industry-government partnership seeking to bring more commercial activity to Cape Canaveral and the adjoining Kennedy Space Center.


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