Last Ever Shuttle Launch – Go or No Go?

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The last ever space shuttle launch is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 11.26 am but there is some doubt as to whether this will actually happen because of weather concerns.

STS-135 is the last planned mission of the Space Shuttle Program and it will be a bitter sweet moment as and when Atlantis finally lifts off. The mission will transport the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM) Raffaello and a Lightweight Multi-Purpose Carrier (LMC) to the to the International Space Station. The mission will be the 33rd and final flight of Atlantis and the 135th flight of the Space Shuttle program, which began on 12 April 1981.

The mission marks:
166th American manned space flight
135th shuttle mission since STS-1
33rd flight of Atlantis
3rd shuttle flight in 2011
37th shuttle mission to the ISS
110th post-Challenger mission
22nd post-Columbia mission

The launch window for STS-135 is 10 minutes long, centered on the moment when Earth’s rotation carries the pad into the plane of the space station’s orbit.The experienced crew is led by Commander Christoper Ferguson on his 4th flight, Pilot Douglas Hurley (2nd flight), Mission Specialist Sandra Magnue (3rd flight) and Mission Specialist Rex Walheim (3rd flight).

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Here’s some video from a previous Atlantis launch…

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