LAX… eerily quiet!

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I’m currently sitting at LAX airport after visiting Los Angeles & Hollywood for a TV interview on America’s Premier Experts (more about that later) and I’m absolutely amazed by how quiet the place is. I got to check in and had no wait, I went through security and there was no-one in line and I’m now sitting waiting for my flight back to Orlando a lot earlier than I imagined I would be.

Previously travel through LAX has been a nightmare…security in particular. I’ve had over an hour waiting in line before now but today was a breeze. I asked one of the screening staff what was going on and he said “it has been like this all year”.

I’ve heard news reports about traffic at airports being down but I didn’t take much notice as every flight I’ve taken this year has been full.

Of course, I always like to look at the bright side. If you want to go on vacation, NOW is the time. If airports are as easy as this to travel through… and LAX is the 5th busiest in the world, then it’s going to be a joy to travel by plane again.

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