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I simply had to look up the definition of “leisure” once I decided to start this blog and I liked what I found…

“time free from work other demands and duties; free time; rest; recreation”

Its good to have a reminder that life isn’t all about work, work, work … it sure feels that way sometimes. Know what I mean?

Here’s 10 tips for taking a break:

1. Simply do nothing. Stay an extra hour in bed … lie there… and “THINK”. Not enough time is allocated to “thinking”… just letting thoughts wash over us, ideas coming to the forefront (make sure you have a pad and pen handy) and our brain drifting to whereever it wants.

Everyday we should make time for ourselves … so, you now have permission. If you can’t manage an hour a day, then make it 20 minutes. Just go somewhere peaceful and lie or sit there doing absolutely nothing. Watch how relaxed you become and enjoy the moment.

2. On a similar theme, take one day out of your life and vow to say nothing. Not a single word. Simply relax, enjoy the peace and the silence.

3. Take a break from routine. Drive to work a different way… Break your usual daily habits. Be positive at all times on this day and see how it affects you and those around you.

4. Take a break from reality. Look at a simple object, a flower, a tree or a building. Imagine it’s the first time you have seen it.

5. Go on a trip. Maybe go shopping especially for something to wear on vacation. Make it bright and colorful. Once you have your purchase, leave right away and go and enjoy your purchase.

6. Don’t fret the small stuff. If something crops up during the day… just let it go. Forget about it … it won’t matter in 100 years time anyway.

7. Dream a dream of your perfect vacation or break. Make a promise to put a little money aside reguarlly to make it happen.

8. Stop what you are doing and check in with yourself to feel how, who and where you are in the moment.  You’re always thinking something, just stop sometimes and take time to think things through.

9. Do something you did not know that you could do. Overcome a fear and amaze yourself.

10. Take a walk … soak in the world around you. Talk to a stranger. Do something odd … like pay the driver behind you’s toll. Just enjoy the moment.

My job of helping people have a great vacation often brings me stress and not enough time in the day to do everything, by practising some of the above, I find myself in a much better frame of mind to make a difference in someone else’s life. Shouldn’t that be your role in this world too?

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