Life is Like a Roller Coaster

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Do you love Central Florida’s roller coasters? Or do you hate them and never want to ride?

Roller coasters may cause thrills for some and anxiety for others but how you react to them could be a reflection on the way you deal with everyday life according to Dr. Howard Belkin from Michigan.

According to Dr. Belkin, if you life is full of ups and downs, enduring that on a ride and coming out just fine gives you a sense of accomplishment. Watch this video and see if you agree:

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And here’s 10 more reasons why life resembles a roller coaster ride

1. Both start with a big drop.
2. Both have ups and downs.
3. It doesn’t really matter if you sit in the front or the back — everyone has a similar experience.
4. Both require participation – watching just isn’t the same.
5. Both can be fun one minute and terrifying the next.
6. Both can make you scream and throw up.
7. Both are more fun when shared with others.
8. Both require that you follow the rules for your safety.
9. Both came in many shapes, designs, and colors.
10. Both go very fast and don’t last long enough.

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