Man, 64, Sent To Jail For Collecting Rainwater

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It’s not often on this blog that we get involved in governmental issues but we recently learned of one ridiculous example of property rights being trampled on by officials in The State of Oregon.

In the vacation home rental business, we are somewhat used to government getting involved and telling property owners what they can and cannot do with their own property. Property they pay taxes on. In a quite incredible case in Oregon, a 64 year old man has just been sent to jail for collecting rain and snow run off water on his own land.

Gary Harrington, of Eagle Point, was found guilty two weeks ago for violating a 1925 law which says all water is publicly owned. Gary was convicted of nine misdemeanors and received a $1,500 fine in addition to a 30 day jail term.

To us, that is quite clearly another example of government treading on a property owners rights and we want to help Gary fight back. So far, his quest for justice has cost him over $200,000. He has set up an online petition so you can register your support and we would encourage all vacation home owners throughout the USA and the world to sign the petition that not only supports Gary but also says they want government to recognize property owner rights.

Here’s the link to the petition:

And here’s an offer to Gary:

Upon release from jail, Florida Leisure Vacation Homes would be pleased to house you and your family for a one week stay in one of our Orlando vacation rental homes just minutes from all the major attraction parks, shopping malls, great restaurants and other local activities. We believe you have earned a break from Government bureaucracy and it is our way of saying “Thank You” for standing up and saying that a property owner has the right to do what they want with their property.

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