Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

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From time to time we like to feature some of the local places here in Kissimmee that our guests enjoy visiting. Dinner shows are always a popular favorite so every so often we like to take one of them in so we can best relate the experience a guest will enjoy when visiting.

One of the most popular dinner shows is Medieval Times. It’s located on US 192 very close to our vacation homes on the East side of Walt Disney World. The Florida Leisure vacation homes located on Cumbrian Lakes, Indian Point, Liberty Village and Eagle Pointe are all just 5 minutes away while the homes on the west side of Disney are around 15 minutes away.

Medieval Times is one of nine venues located throughout America and the Orlando Castle is located between Guide-markers 14 and 15, about 13 miles from Disney World. The Orlando Castle was actually the first to open in North America back in 1983.

The dinner and tournament seats 1,100 people per show and is over 78,000 square feet. It features an authentic eight cottage medieval village, the only permanent medieval village remaining in the United States. The castle is fully enclosed and climate controlled and houses the elaborately decorated Hall of Arms, Museum of Torture, Knight Club and an aviary and stable facilities.

The show promises guests all the pageantry and thrills of an authentic medieval tournament as six armor clad knights on valiant horses seek the title of champion amidst the clashing of lance and shield in a heart pounding combat. During the show guests are fed well with tomato bisque soup, oven roasted chicken, herb roasted potato, spare rib, a pastry of the castle and a selection of non alcoholic beverages all included in the admission price. Alcoholic beverages can also be purchased at additional cost.

Guests are advised to arrive early for the show and that then gives ample time to explore the Medieval Life Village, the King’s Hall, the Hall of Arms and the Knight Club. The Medieval Life Village is particularly interesting with its eight cottages and the village is an authentic replica of just how European villages used to be over 1,000 years ago.

In the past, the village was the central place were people lived, worked, socialized, married, enjoyed local festivals, attended church, gave birth to children and eventually died, rarely ever venturing beyond its boundaries. The village at Medieval Times gives a flavor of this as you wander through the architects home, the basketry, the stables, the loom and seamstress, the pottery, the carpentry workshop, the metal-smith, the Royal Mew, the Dungeon and the winery and kitchen.

After you have explored the village, it’s then fun to wander around the Hall of Arms, the Knight Club and the King’s Hall. The Hall of Arms is the place where you collect your colored crown and have chance to wander around the well stocked gift shop. It’s the place to buy your flag for your favorite Knight of the Realm who will be fighting on your behalf later in the evening. You can amble around at your leisure until King Carlos appears and summons everyone to the King’s Hall. This is the place where the chosen few are brought to the King’s Knighting Ceremony Stage where they get to feel the light tap of the sword on their shoulders. It’s quite a spectacle!

It’s then time to take your seats in the Grand Ceremonial Arena and for the show to begin. There are four acts to the show and each presents a different aspect to enjoy. Act 1 is about myth and legend and where the Knight and the horse are forever linked. Act II is where we get to meet the Knights, champions of six provinces, and the arrival of His Majesty King Carlos. Princess Catalina also arrives and the King makes the signal for the great feast to begin. Act III sees a stranger arrive with a gift…one that will ultimately see the Knights strength and courage put to the test. Act IV is where a new Champion is crowned amidst the clashing of lance, shield and heart pounding combat.

It’s also a chance to see the 26 Andalusian horses and one of the falcons that are kept on the property as they are intertwined with the script. The Andalusian is revered as the purebred Spanish horse and were the preferred mounts of knights and royalty in the eleventh century. They have a magnificent physique, an even temperament, superb agility and their ability to carry a fully armored knight into battle was the key factor back in those days.

So “My Lord’s” and “My Lady’s” if it’s a great show you want with some excellent food then Medieval Times is the place to go. Here at Florida Leisure it will be our pleasure to help plan your perfect evening of honor, valor, journey and rivalry. All our Royal guests are most welcome!

More photos are at the Medieval Times album at and here’s some video to give you a taste of what to expect:

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