Mickey Mouse is 80!

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Mickey Mouse celebrates with Florida Leisure

Tuesday, November 18th. There’s an anniversary today that many people will find hard to believe – Mickey Mouse is 80 years old!

One of the nation’s most enduring entertainment figures appeared for the first time on this date in 1928 in a cartoon called “Steamboat Willie.” It was the first animated talking cartoon, created by Walt Disney, who provided the squeaky voice himself. It was considered a technological marvel, and its success allowed Mickey to be joined shortly by the spluttering, irascible Donald Duck. The motion picture industry has undergone big changes since Mickey’s debut in 1928. The next year, movies generated $720 million in revenue. Now, movies are a $63 billion a year business. You can find these and more facts about America from the U.S. Census Bureau online at www.census.gov.

It’s always nice when someone remembers your birthday and it’s even better when you receive a card in the mail. Make sure that Florida Leisure has the names and dates of your immediate family and their relationship to you because we want to make sure we remember their birthdays as well, that’s what families do and you are part of ours.

Hopefully, next time you come to visit Mickey Mouse you’ll stay with us again. You know that if you tell Mickey when your birthday is, he’ll treat you to a free visit to Disney World on that day–plus if you are staying with us for that happy occasion, we’ll make sure we’ll bring round a cake, so make sure you e-mail me those birthdays while you are telling Mickey.

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  1. One of Disney’s best known characters is celebrating his 80th birthday. Mickey Mouse first graced the silver screen back in 1928 – when his profile and personality were decidedly more rat-like than the loveable

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    December 9, 2008 at 7:11 am

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