More Tips and Ideas for a Disney New Year

Disney World is the ideal destination for families wishing to ring in the New Year in style but its important to plan your day well to avoid disappointment. Remember, lots of other people will be at Disney World to bring in a new decade and just last Monday Disney had to close both Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom because they were so busy. So the first tip is Arrive Early before the parks close.

Here’s a few extra tips to help New Year’s Eve go smoothly:

Magic Kingdom will welcome 2010 with probably the most spectacular fireworks display at Walt Disney World and that’s why lots of people want to go there. The New Year’s Eve fireworks generally include a stunning display of synchronized fireworks launched near the Magic Kingdom and several locations along the Seven Seas Lagoon, the human made lake in front of the Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom closes at 2 a.m. on New Year’s Eve but remember The Magic Kingdom is the only Walt Disney World theme park where alcoholic beverages are not served.

Guests can drink their way around the world at Epcot though. The theme park features special New Year’s Eve kiosks in World Showcase with imported and American beer, bubbly, and spirits. In addition, World Showcase’s eleven international pavilions feature casual and formal restaurants with cuisine from around the world. Entertainment ranges from live DJs to outdoor dance clubs and festive lighting. Those who wish to party the night away can linger after the midnight fireworks show, but be prepared to spend some money: Epcot celebrated New Year’s Eve 2008 by raising the regular price of alcoholic beverages for the holiday festivities. Epcot stays open until 1 a.m. on New Year’s Eve.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly Disney-MGM Studios) and Disney’s Animal Kingdom also offer alcoholic beverages. Disney’s Hollywood Studios stays open until midnight for regular park guests; Disney’s Animal Kingdom closes at 8:00 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, which is fine for families with young children, but those wishing to get more bang for their Disney buck are better off celebrating at one of Disney’s other theme parks.

It is highly recommended that you make advance dining reservations if you are planning on visiting  Magic Kingdom or Disney’s three other theme parks before you head to the parks. New Year’s Eve is one of the busiest days of the year at Disney World, and escaping the crowds for an hour or two while dining at one of Disney’s themed restaurants is a major advantage. Although the most popular restaurants are often booked months in advance, Disney opens additional restaurants during the holiday season to accommodate the crowds. Call 1-407-WDW-DINE for more information or to make dining reservations.

Be sure to inquire about accommodations for children and special needs guests. In order to accommodate the large holiday crowds, Disney World changes select services on New Year’s Eve. Additional restrooms are provided in some locations, while other locations limit guests’ access to the facilities. On New Year’s Eve 2008, for instance, the Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room at Epcot’s United Kingdom pavilion blocked access to the restrooms for children dining at the restaurant. The pub section of the restaurant is especially busy on New Year’s Eve, and the restaurant’s restrooms are located in the pub.

Use Disney’s FASTPASS service while at the parks. Each Disney World guest is eligible for Disney’s free FASTPASS service, which entitles the bearer to enter a special, shorter line at select rides or attractions at a scheduled time in order to reduce wait time. Because New Year’s Eve is such a popular time to visit Disney, families will not be able to take in as many rides and attractions as they would on a regular day at the parks. Yet Disney’s FASTPASS service will enable park guests to spend less time waiting in line and more time having fun.

Crowd control is a major issue on New Year’s Eve. At peak times like the conclusion of the fireworks, walking through the theme parks or driving away from the parks is extremely difficult. Where the crowds converge, such as the relatively narrow entrance to World Showcase, pedestrian traffic literally comes to a standstill. Guests with small children, strollers, motorized scooters, or wheelchairs are at an extra disadvantage on New Year’s Eve and other periods of extremely high traffic. It is best to wait until the crowd dissipates after the fireworks before exiting or attempting to travel from one section of the park to another.

Disney World distributes complimentary New Year’s 2010 hats and party horns inside the theme parks. Hats and horns are distributed on a first come, first served basis at select locations throughout the parks and inside restaurants. Be prepared for an all-night cacophony as children and adults blow their horns incessantly. Happy New Year!

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