National Senior Games Comes To Kissimmee

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Kissimmee in Osceola County, Florida is quickly gaining a reputation as an epicenter for amateur athletics and this was further cemented on Monday as the National Senior Games Association announced it would relocate its corporate headquarters to Kissimmee and with it, it’s National Senior Games event.

This means that the National Senior Games will now be hosted in the area five times between 2016 and 2025 as part of its agreement with the county. The organization also agreed to move its national games, which will become an annual (rather than bi-annual) event beginning in 2015, from June to September. It is estimated that the move will bring something in the region of a $120 million in economic impact, and $1.6 in tourist development tax dollars.

“This provides a way for us to increase our sports presence and target a new demographic,” said Kissimmee CVB Director Shelley Maccini – pictured above. “This will help us fill a non-peak time for the hotel and lodging industry,”

Mike Sophia, CEO of NSGA, said the national event would encompass Olympic-style competitions for athletes over age 50, divided into five-year interval groups, at 15 to 20 venues.

“There’s great community support, it’s a destination for tourism, and there are tremendous facilities,” he said. “The whole situation is ideal for us.”

Previously the National Games came to the area when Walt Disney World hosted them in 1999 and that attracted approximately 10,000 athletes, along with their family members and friends.

We look forward to welcoming all competitors, friends and family members to Florida Leisure Vacation Homes in the near future. Exciting times!

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