New SeaWorld Show ‘One Ocean’ Debuts

Today is Earth Day and appropriately enough SeaWorld Orlando debuted its new killer whale show, “One Ocean” at 10.00 am this morning inside Shamu Stadium. The new show replaced the popular “Believe” show, which ran for five years, and judging from popular opinion among the audience, it seems that “One Ocean” is going to be just as big a hit if not bigger!

Both Jack Hanna (star of Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild & Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures) and Sea World President Terry Prather spoke at the opening ceremony about both the significance of Earth Day and the inspiring and educational message behind the show that both animals and humans are part of one world, with one ocean, and its future is in our hands to cherish and protect.

Just like any new Broadway production the show has a new set. The big TV screens from the former Believe show are still a part of the Shamu Stadium set but the iconic black and white Orca whale tail on the back of the 80 feet long by 30 feet tall 3-story set, has now developed a full color look and takes the form of an immense killer whale fluke. It incorporates the colors of the ocean’s spectrum… from cobalt blue, to aquamarine and even royal purple, while it reflects the vivid yellows and oranges of a sunrise over the sea. There are also dozens of hand-crafted, translucent animal figures adorning the towering set.

Another new and exciting part of the show are the fountains at the front of the stage. The show sports 35 different fountains that arch 50 feet across the pool and while Shamu plays with the fountains, guests get soaked by the chilly 53 to 56 degree water! Fun for some…

Completing the set is a fantastic new symphonic score that features three original songs intended to evoke a global stewardship message: “One Song,” “Side by Side,” and “We’re One.”

Today’s opening ceremony also featured a choir of nearly 600 people, young and old alike, dressed in colors from the show’s vibrant palette while Spencer Lee, an up and coming artist, who has made numerous TV appearances on shows like “Greek” and “Glee”, performed the show’s signature number, “One Song.”

The whales are the true stars of the show however, and “One Ocean” features spectacular whale behaviors, including thrilling high energy leaps and multiple whales performing simultaneously. The whales interact in new ways with their trainers, the audience, one another, and even the set itself. Particularly thoughtful is the fact that not only do the fountains provide such a dramatic effect for the show but they also serve as enrichment for the whales during play times throughout the day.

Overall the show promises to show SeaWorld guests how closely the human and animal worlds are connected. The message of caring and showing respect for the world we share is woven throughout the new show. More importantly it encourages guests to make a difference through their own everyday actions…and that’s a message we all need to hear more often. Here’s looking forward to a long and successful run for “One Ocean.”

There’s more pictures on and featured below is a short video from the opening of “One Ocean” earlier today:

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