Orlando City Soccer Club and Legoland Florida Partner Up For 2012 Season And Beyond

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In perhaps one of the most natural partnerships there possibly could be, Orlando City Soccer Club and Legoland Florida today announced a multi-year partnership that reinforces the interest in bringing soccer to the Central Florida community.

Officially, Legoland Florida now becomes the team’s Official Family Theme Park but it’s really much more than that as there are big advantages for both partners in the arrangement. Legoland will now enjoy several promotional and advertising opportunities, partnership in community events, signage at the Orlando City Youth Academy, and youth soccer mini camps at the park.

“With our joint focus on encouraging families with children to play their part and get involved in activities from the soccer pitch to the rides at LEGOLAND, partnering with Orlando City Soccer is an obvious choice for us,” said Adrian Jones, general manager of LEGOLAND Florida. “As Central Florida’s newest family theme park, we are thrilled to be partnering with Central Florida’s newest professional sports organization.”

For Orlando City, who in December announced its acquisition of controlling interest in Seminole Soccer Complex and Florida Soccer Alliance (FSA) youth club, now renamed Orlando City Youth Academy, there is the chance to tap into the ever growing Lego market of young children and their families.

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with LEGOLAND Florida. Their focus on family fun for young children is a perfect fit for our growing footprint in the youth soccer marketplace. I hope that many of our fans and young players will be visiting this exciting new Central Florida attraction,” said Phil Rawlins, president of Orlando City Soccer.

Orlando City now possesses the ultimate soccer development pyramid in Florida, starting with kids at age 5 through to the professionals in the USL PRO team and now, a commercial link up that will continue to develop interest in the game for years to come.

At the first home game of the regular season on April 15, LEGOLAND Florida will take part in the Opening Ceremonies honoring youth soccer organizations throughout Central Florida.

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