Orlando Vacation Home – 4752 Updated!

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The really great thing that we do here in Orlando is give people great vacations. There’s really no other place on earth quite like it. With all it’s fabulous weather, theme parks, shopping, dining and other entertainment offerings it really is the perfect place to take a vacation.

The other thing that makes Orlando so special is its great accommodations. There’s lots of choice, from roadside motels to luxurious five star hotels but there’s one way to stay that makes a vacation even more special. A vacation home rental.

Hotels can be a great way to stay but a vacation home is simply better. With the average hotel room having 300 to 400 square feet of space a vacation home scores big every time. The average vacation home is 1500 square feet and upwards. If you then add into the equation the fact a vacation home has a full sized kitchen, one or two spacious living areas, TV’s in multiple rooms, three bedrooms upwards and all the creature comforts you have at home like games, books, dvds etc, then you start to see what great value a vacation rental actually is. If you then consider each vacation home has its own private swimming pool and that it then comes at the same price as a decent hotel room then it really is a “no brainer” why so many people are now choosing to stay in an Orlando vacation home on their next trip.

As more people get used to the idea of staying in a vacation home, then it is important that the homes continue to offer great facilities and this is where we at Florida Leisure are different to others. Every week we look at our inventory of homes and look at where improvements can be made. When we see something, we immediately contact the home owner and make our observations known so that the owner can make the improvement.

As a result, our homes are the best maintained and best equipped homes in the Orlando area. No other vacation rental company can claim that two thirds of its customers come back and visit year in, year out like we can. The reason for this is two fold, we are extremely choosy about the homes we manage…and that means we only manage the best homes and those owned by people who aren’t under financial pressure to cut corners. It’s an important point …particularly in a tough economic market.

So, with all that said, here’s a video with the latest update on Orlando Vacation Home 4752.

To see more photographs of Orlando Vacation Home 4752 click here.

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