Osceola County Welcome Center & History Museum Opens

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Osceola County Welcome Center & History Museum Osceola County Welcome Center & History Museum  Ribbon Cutting

Amid much fanfare and celebration the Osceola County Welcome Center & History Museum opened today on US 192 near mile marker 15.  The official Grand opening is scheduled for 10th November but Osceola County officials, dignitaries and representatives were present at 10.00 am this morning for a ribbon cutting, speeches and a tour of the new facility.

Donnita Dampier - Osceola County Historical SocietyOsceola County History Museum

The Welcome Center and History Museum broke ground on 16th February with an extensive re-modelling of what used to be a Roadhouse Grill restaurant. Donnita Dampier, pictured above, executive director of Osceola County Historical Society, explained the theme is “Where Nature and History Meet” and is a unique combination of a visitor welcome center, a nature center and a history museum that bundles the county’s abundant eco-tourism and outdoor adventure opportunities in an informative, entertaining and engaging way.

Osceola County History MuseumOsceola County History Museum

The center is also located along the eastern banks of the historic Shingle Creek and gives visitors and residents the chance to experience some of the county’s early cultural history along with some eco-tourism opportunities such as canoeing, biking, camping, horseback riding, fishing, historical sites, outdoor photography and bird watching.

The Osceola County Historical Society will operate the facility under an agreement with the county.

County Commissioner Michael Harford (pictured above left) said: “The opening of the welcome center and history museum is the first step in establishing Osceola County in the adventure/eco-tourism market that we hope to develop.  In addition, the historical part of the welcome center will allow Osceola to celebrate both its history and progress in the county.”

More photo’s at www.FloridaLeisurePhotography.com and here’s some video:

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