Pet Friendly Vacation Homes in Orlando


The problem with travelling or going on vacation is that very often one or two members of the family can’t come. Yes, I’m talking about pets.


It’s a dilemma that a lot of people face and the fear of guilt and the fear of leaving a beloved member of the family behind often overwhelms people so much that they choose not to go anywhere. It’s a distressing time for everyone. Family members become distressed leaving their pet behind and the pet also becomes distressed when going to unfamiliar territory. And then there’s the cost… it’s not cheap these days to board your cat or dog.


Some owners do solve this by taking their pets to one of the few hotels that allow them in their rooms but even this has disadvantages. Many pets become distressed at all the noises in other hotel rooms and in the corridors that are common in hotels. Most hotels have very limited space to walk a dog and very little space to feed your pets not to mention storing their food. Further, there’s also the chance that the house keeping staff will either let your pet get loose or stress them out with vacuum cleaners and the nasty chemicals they use for cleaning.


Here at Florida Leisure Vacation Homes we are helping to solve this problem and we are pleased to highlight some of the homes we currently have available to pet owners wishing to visit Orlando in 2009. You and your pet can enjoy an entire home with plenty of room to relax in. In a vacation home your pet will not become distressed as there are no other guests other than the people you invite. Your pet also has the luxury of a private back yard to walk and play. All our homes are located in vacation rental communities that have walking areas and little car traffic. This makes it safe for both you and your pet to get some leisurely exercise. The best part is our pet friendly vacation homes all have screened in private swimming pools for the family and pets to enjoy together. Some of our pet friendly vacation homes even have safety fences around the pools to protect kids and pets when they are unsupervised.


If you have a pet and you wish to vacation in Orlando this year, you no longer need to worry about where to house Fido while you are away. Simply bring your pet with you and enjoy your vacation. Please do note that there aren’t many of these types of homes in our inventory so early booking is a must. You can find them here.



Don’t worry if you don’t have pets…we have plenty of other homes available for you…and we guarantee that no pet has ever set foot inside them!

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