Peter Greenberg Travel Tips

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Peter Greenberg & Nigel Worrall

At last week’s AARP convention I spent a few minutes with Peter Greenberg. Peter is currently the CBS News Travel Editor and is often seen on “The Early Show” offering some great travel advice. Previously he was known as the Travel Editor for NBC’s Today show, CNBC and MNSBC. He was also the Travel correspondent for ABC’s Good Morning America as well as being an Emmy award winning journalist and television producer.

Peter is also known as the “Travel Detective” and has published several books with that moniker and has also produced and hosted the Travel Channel’s “The Royal Tour” a series in which various heads of state give viewers a personal tour of their country. It has featured a number of world leaders including New Zealand’s Helen Clark, Abdullah II of Jordan and Peru’s Alejandro Toledo.

Peter has some great advice to give and I enjoyed talking to him and then listening to his presentation to the AARP members. It was fun and very informative. It also reminded me of a service we at Florida Leisure have provided for our guests for many years but one that may have gone unnoticed for a while… the ability to ship your bags to us before you travel and then to have them waiting at your vacation home for when you arrive.

So, watch this video and listen to what Peter has to say because his tip about shipping bags can save you a lot of hassle when you travel in the future. I’ll be featuring one or two of Peter’s other tips on this blog from time to time so check back often and if you’d like to learn more about Peter, then visit his web site at

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