PGA Tour Players get boost from Massage Envy Player Performance Center

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The Players Championship 2018, TPC Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra Beach - 10th May 2018 (Photographer: Nigel G Worrall)

There’s a secret weapon in golf that helps ensure the world’s best players keep in top shape during a strenuous four round golf tournament. When you consider the average PGA golf course length is 7001 yards, 3.97 miles, and that players have to walk at least that every single day of tournament play let alone practice rounds and pro-am’s, it isn’t any wonder that players need something to relax those weary muscles.

The hidden secret is the Massage Envy Player Performance Center… a mobile fitness and therapy center that follows the players to every tournament. The facilities are staffed by professional physical fitness therapists, chiropractors and athletic trainers who assist players in rehabilitative and preventative care, as well as personal conditioning and stretching programs.

There are two sets of tractor trailers, four in total, that navigate the country each year and each is approximately 16 feet in width by 60 feet in length by 14 feet in height. Each trailer contains state of the art fitness and therapy equipment and it’s not unknown for professional golfers to spend two to three hours after a round recuperating in the facility.

The Players Championship 2018, TPC Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra Beach - 10th May 2018 (Photographer: Nigel G Worrall)

So what goes on behind the scenes. In brief, it’s called “assisted stretch.” Most athletes understand and use the principles of stretching muscles but the system used by golf professionals is Massage Envy’s proprietary Total Body Stretch service that uses the Streto method. “What’s that?” I hear you ask. In short it’s a new, professionally assisted stretching protocol that combined research and the expertise of an acclaimed chiropractor. massage therapist and ergonomist to develop the method for Massage Envy.  The idea is built around a sequence of ten targeted stretches that work from the top down helping the muscles reach maximum flexibility.

The advantages are obvious to anyone who wants to continue to lead an active lifestyle so it’s no real surprise to find professional athletes using Massage Envy to find a cutting edge in their quest for success. This isn’t a service just reserved for top golfers though as Massage Envy has many locations around the United States. Anyone who has the desire to remain active and to do the things they love in life should at least try the Streto method via Massage Envy’s outlets. Total Body Stretch can help increase mobility, flexibility and blood flow which then helps how the muscles in the body function.

With some 1,170 franchised locations and approximately 25,000 massage therapists and estheticians, Massage Envy has a location near to you. Central Florida and Orlando has 18 locations and a complete location guide can be found at

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