Florida Leisure announces Disney Area “Pilar Lofo” Vacation Homes from just $9.99 per night!

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The show “Survivor” forces contestants to make it in the wilderness with less than bare minimum essentials. It’s just about the greenest way to live, with no water, no electricity, no waste, no stuff.

Well just recently a luxury hotel in San Diego  challenged its guests to survive on less than the bare minimum at a seriously and to think green in the process. At seriously slashed rates and while other guests are paying upwards of $200 to sleep in luxury, some are paying just $19 a night to stay… in a tent… in their room. Correct—no bed.

“Survive” Amidst Luxury

So here’s the deal: Last fall the super luxury Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego, CA launched the unconventional “Survivor” package, challenging guests to choose how low they want their rate to go based on the amenities (and necessities) they are willing to sacrifice. During Fall last year, the regular $219 per night room, which typically includes deluxe accommodations plus breakfast for two, was being discounted piece by piece according to the guest’s preferences. John Gates, the hotel’s General Manager, admits that the idea wasn’t based on green ambitions, but saving money and going green are often naturally related. “Although the Rancho Bernardo Inn is proud of its efforts regarding conservation, in all honesty that was simply a positive by-product. Just goes to show how much more our industry can do.”

Here’s the breakdown of costs and money saving options that were offered :

$219 deluxe accommodations plus breakfast for two
$199 without breakfast
$179 without honor bar
$159 without A/C or heat
$139 without pillows
$109 without sheets
$89 without lights
$59 without linens
$39 without toiletries
$19 without bed

Translation: Save Resources—like electricity (no AC, no lights) and water (no linens to wash) = Save Money.

Sure, lots of hotels are promoting the idea of reducing resource-overuse through their little note cards program—you know those cards in the bathroom and beside the bed encouraging guests to not waste water. But this one is actually rewarding guests for their green choices.

Pilar Lofo Vacation Homes

So, here at Florida Leisure we thought we’d do something similar. Our “Pilar Lofo” vacation homes follow the same principle. There’s no furniture, no electricity and no water. Simply turn up with your tent and pitch it on the front lawn to enjoy your vacation. The cost is $9.99 per day but if you’d like the deluxe version just go around the back of the home and pitch your tent there instead. It’s there you’ll find the water view in the form of a full size swimming pool . The deluxe option is $14.99 per day… that’s right … just a measly $5.00 extra.

Standard - $9.99

Deluxe - $14.99

And there’s more…but you’ll have to watch the video to see it all…

2 Responses to Florida Leisure announces Disney Area “Pilar Lofo” Vacation Homes from just $9.99 per night!

  1. Dear Mr. Worrall,
    We would sure like to try out your new Pilar Lofo vacation home option. Texas does not offer such a fantastic deal so we will load up the wagons and come on over to Orlando, Florida to stay with you guys.
    Please watch for our pidgin delivery as he will have the $10 bill for you for our first night.
    J.R. Ewing & Clan

    J.R. Ewing
    April 1, 2011 at 1:01 pm

  2. Do I have to dig my own latrine?

    Loves Nature
    April 8, 2011 at 2:44 pm

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