Pointe Orlando, International Drive, Orlando

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Yesterday I was at Pointe Orlando for a meeting and as soon as that finished I took a look around. I’ve always known it as a great place to go and eat, as there are some 13 restaurants to suit every palate there, but I didn’t realize that there was much more to the place.

There is some great shopping with some big brand names such as the Armani Exchange, Bath & Body Works, Hollister, Keihl’s, Tharoo & Co., Tommy Bahama’s and Victoria’s Secret. Pointe Orlando also houses a huge IMAX cinema for those that wish to catch a quick movie.

Pointe Orlando is one of Orlando’s hidden secrets but it’s really pretty visible if you drive along International Drive. It’s a favorite hang out for people attending conventions as it’s very close to the Orlando Convention Center but it’s also a great place to visit if you are on vacation.

It’s really hard to miss as the well known “upside down” house WonderWorks is next door. WonderWorks is known as an amusement park for the mind as it has over 100 interactive exhibits for the entire family to experience. You can land a space shuttle here or discover the freedom of flight by piloting F14 and F18 fighter jets and if sport is your thing, then you can step in front of the blue screen and become immersed in a 3 dimensional game of basketball or soccer. There’s also the earthquake simulator, a bubble lab and a bed of nails to test out! There’s a lot more stuff to do as well but I’ll not say anymore so there are some surprises left for you when you visit.

I also did a short video as I walked around Pointe Orlando….enjoy:

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