Politics…who cares?

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It’s January… Election Day is ten months away. Repeat … 10 months away yet the campaign seems to have been going on forever. Does anyone really care at this stage?
I’m guessing you’re probably asking yourself a similar question right now. But what beats me is all these celebrities who are already jumping on the bandwagon… what on earth are they playing at? Don’t they have something else to do… like make a movie or a TV show for instance?
 I mean what is Oprah doing? What about Halle Berry?   Beats me… but if a politician seriously believes he has to involve celebrities to fight his battles, then it says everything about his politics to me.

But is there more to this than meets the eye?  It’s not like Obama is the only one guilty of this. Rudy Giuliani has the support of some 1970s pinup girls in the form of Bo Derek and Cheryl Ladd. Now what on earth are they doing getting involved in all of this? I wonder what the other angels Jaclyn, Kate or Farrah think? Maybe he’s just a perfect 10 !

Is the public really fooled by this?  Are you really more likely to vote for Bill Richardson because he’s got the backing of Jodie Foster and Bette Midler, or for John Edwards because Bonnie Raitt and Madeline Stowe are in his corner?

And what about endorsements by certainly celebrities actually doing more harm than good?  Mitt Romney has Donnie and Marie Osmond on his side… that’s a scary thought if ever there was one.

What about poor Dennis Kucinich lagging in the polls because he has only been able to attract “minor” celebrities such as Ani DiFranco? (Maybe if Melissa and Tammy Lynn both officially jumped on his bandwagon, they could help him sneak up on the front-runners.)

Hillary Clinton lost out in Iowa, but she’s still considered the leader of the pack in many places. Does her celebrity posse of Maya Angelou, Barbara Streisand, Carly Simon and Billie Jean King help her quest for another Clinton presidency?

So what does make the opinion of a celebrity so darned important? Let’s imagine Britney Spears suddenly regained her sanity long enough to publicly support one candidate or another, would anyone actually care?
I mean, just take a good long hard look at that picture. Does her opinion on anything matter to you? Yet, consider if it were to happen, her endorsement of a particular candidate would certainly make the news somewhere, probably much to the dismay of the unfortunate candidate.

So, is the opinion of a celebrity important? You decide. That’s what you have to do in November… and as I said…it’s still 10 long hard months away. Boy are we all going to suffer in the meantime.
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