Rip Off Hotels … But Then, We All Know That!

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Earlier today Peter Greenberg was on CBS This Morning to discuss how many hotels are just like airlines in that they try to charge guests extra fees… lots of extra fees!

In 2013, hotels earned an additional $2.25 billion from fees and surcharges, which increased by 6 percent from the previous year. That’s nearly double the amount hotels were earning a decade ago.

So what are these hidden fees? Some of them you might expect, such as extra charges for bottles of water in your hotel room, internet, using the fitness center and car parking. Increasingly though, fees are now being charged for bed linens, towels, self-parking, and mandatory bellman fees regardless of whether you use that service or not.

Further, if you’re staying at a resort, odds are that you can expect a resort fee of $25 per day and upwards added to your tariff.

Watch the video below to discover why there are extra charges at hotels, what you need to watch out for, and how you can avoid these fees the next time you book a hotel room. Then read on…

So what’s the answer to the “Hotel Rip Off?”

The answer is with vacation rentals. Regular visitors to this blog won’t be surprised to hear me say this but the fact is, an awful lot of people still don’t know about the fastest growing industry in many parts of America.

Renting a vacation home for your next trip, whether business or pleasure, now makes so much sense for a lot of people.

Arriving At Your Florida Leisure Vacation Home(Photographer: Nigel Worrall)Arriving At Your Florida Leisure Vacation Home(Photographer: Nigel Worrall)

The whole experience starts when you pull up onto the driveway of your vacation home. You then walk a few yards to your front door and open it to a whole different experience.

So what’s different?

Well, for a start, you didn’t just feel obliged to tip or pay for the mandatory bellman! You didn’t pay for parking either! That means $$$ saved.

You then walk into the house and you see anywhere from one to seven bedrooms, a fully equipped full size kitchen, a nice sized living room with a large flat screen television, a lovely dining room and best of all, your own private heated swimming pool.

Take a moment and sigh!

Yes, you’ve just realised what you’ve been missing out on all this time.

No more lining up at a hotel reception desk to check in, as you can check in directly at the home. No more trekking down never ending corridors to reach your room with your luggage. No more aggravation from other people as you go about your business.

Instead, you’re home. Simply home.

Unpack your bag at your leisure after you’ve taken a quick dip in the pool. Yes, relaxation comes that fast!

Leisure time at your Florida Leisure Vacation Home (Photographer: Nigel Worrall)

By now you maybe feeling peckish… so simply help yourself to something delicious in the kitchen… you know, the one that saves you and your family a small fortune as your vacation bill for food and beverage is exactly the same as you’d pay back at your real home! That’s right, buy your groceries just as you would do for a normal week!

Of course, you can still go out and treat yourself to a lavishly prepared meal by someone else, but above all, you have that choice. Not in a hotel. They tell you when you can eat and what you can eat. If the restaurant or cafe isn’t open when you feel hungry, then prepare yourself to be nickel and dimed from the excessive charges from the mini bar.

You can also stay in touch with friends or family…or rather gloat to them about the fabulous time you’re now experiencing as the internet at a vacation home is included in your rate! What else is included? Well, how about the games room. Yes, lots of vacation homes have games rooms with a mixture of games to play, like fussball, pool, ping pong, etc. Some homes also have home theaters and yes, that’s included.

In short, the rate you pay is disclosed to you upfront and well before you even start out on your vacation or business journey. No hidden fees and no extra fees to worry about. We don’t have car parking fees, resort fees, fees for food or drink and we don’t have fees for internet.

You’re totally free to enjoy a stress free vacation!

It’s no wonder America and visitors from the rest of the world are turning to vacation homes as their preferred place to stay. Why not join them?

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