President Obama Ends Vacation Home Stay

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Today marks the day when the Obama family vacation comes to an end.  The family spent its summer vacation last year at a vacation home on the Blue Heron Farm, in the sleepy enclave of Chilmark, and they enjoyed it so much that they returned this year.  All good things come to an end though and now it’s back to the White House after a relaxing 10 day stay on Martha’s Vineyard.

It’s been quite interesting to see how the media have covered the story of the President going on vacation. On one hand Obama has been catching so much grief from the common taxpayers for taking vacations that the White House is asking for these vacations to not be called vacations! And on the other hand we have the White House trying to defend his vacation time by comparing the time spent on vacation by George W. Bush. It’s comical.

The Obamas Martha’s Vineyard vacation includes a stay at Blue Heron Farm, a lavish $20 million, 28.5 acre compound in the town of Chilmark that rents for $50,000 a week. Chilmark, by the way, was named the most expensive small town in all America by Business Week back in 2007.

The Blue Heron Farm has a swimming pool, a small basketball court, horse paddocks, an apple orchard, and even a golf tee for the President to practice that sketchy swing of his. There are four homes to choose from which considering the secret service, aides, and guests sure to be invited, seems about perfect for the extravagant needs of the Obamas.

Blue Heron Farm also has private access to a stretch of Squibnocket Beach — which may keep those ‘Obama topless’, ‘Obama bodysurfing’, and ‘Michelle Obama shorts’ photos to a minimum.  Oh and a fun fact about Blue Heron Farm? This is strictly business. The owners, registered Republicans, contributed money to Fred Thompson’s and John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaigns!

One thing’s for sure though… the President clearly understands that vacation homes are the best way to enjoy a family vacation.

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