Prima Donna To Leave Orlando Magic

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Don’t know if you feel like us but the ongoing saga fiasco re: Dwight Howard is starting to really annoy us. Not content with having the season start later than it should, this over-hyped and overrated so called mega star of the Orlando Magic is now asking to leave… although he claims he loves the city!

Frankly, it’s embarrassing how the media is bending over to accommodate this guy. They’re now calling him “Superman” for heavens sake. Watching him bleat on about the Magic not signing the players he suggested is almost as pathetic as watching politicians take the glory because employment rates have dropped slightly. It’s not often we get on our soap box about a subject but when the nation is already suffering from enough fools pretending they know what to do, to now have to listen to this nonsense in the media really does take the mickey.

Go Dwight… shut the door on the way out. We won’t miss you or your ego.

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