Professional Soccer Coming To Orlando

Professional soccer is coming to Orlando. Starting in 2011 Orlando will have a professional franchise in what the USL is calling a ‘re-established’ first division USL.

The team will be owned and operated by the Orlando Titans (the indoor lacrosse team in town) and has not had a name or location announced yet. The home stadium is expected to be announced soon as they are still exploring options.

Titans president Steve Donner:

It has been our intention since the beginning for the Titans to operate more than one professional sports franchise in this market and this announcement is the next logical step. We looked at several different options, including indoor soccer and hockey, but in the end, professional outdoor soccer made the most sense in terms of being able to utilize our staff on a year-round basis without a lot of overlap in the seasons. The fact that this franchise will play in USL’s top division means that we will be bringing an incredible level of professional soccer to Central Florida fans.

According to the press release, the club hopes to announce a partnership with a European club in the future and is hoping to bring major international exhibitions to the Central Florida area.

It’s about time this happened IMO… but what do you think about professional soccer coming to Central Florida?

One Response to Professional Soccer Coming To Orlando

  1. Thanks for sharing, Nigel! This is exciting news, although hopefully this time the team will be supported well. There have been a few teams in the area recently that didn’t make it for various reasons. I, for one, am excited though!

    Zach Baker
    March 5, 2010 at 9:17 am

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