Review: Kobe Japanese Steakhouse – SR192

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I realized when I reviewed Shiso the other day, that I hadn’t been to a Kobe Steakhouse for a while, so with Wife, son and friend with two daughters in tow we decided to check it out.

Only a half an hour wait, so getting there before 7:30pm is an advantage, it certainly filled up soon after and when we were leaving the line was out the door.

Nice decor, friendly bar staff … great water feature in the waiting area, but sadly from my son’s viewpoint, only one very small, and lonely goldfish.  Photos from cellphone so not very good, I’m afraid.

Drinks came fast, waitress efficient and accurate.  The highlight of this place is the chef.  They are all trained to the same formula, and occasionally you see something new … our chef was a complete pyromaniac … almost dangerously so, but his egg juggling fascinated the kids.  Watch your eyebrows!!!

The food is a little bland, but wonderfully cooked and there is a lot of it.  The two sauces add flavor, but there is always something missing from the taste … however nothing tastes better than Kobe leftovers, heated in the microwave and eaten as a brunch.


Overall we had fun … not sure the meal justified the $235 bill though, so beware of the prices.

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