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I have made several visits over the past few years to Shiso Sushi on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando and have decided it is the best Sushi restaurant in town … possibly one of the best in the country.  It’s a little off of the tourist beaten track, but with great access from 417, it is easy to reach on the way home from Universal, or to end a visit to Gatorland.  Osceola Parkway is also very close and that is a straight shot from Disney.

Located in an unassuming strip mall, between an Albertsons and a Home Depot, it would be easy to dismiss this as just another hole in the wall, plastic-Japanese wanna-be, but that is the furthest thing from the truth.

Under the leadership of Chef Bo, the friendly and helpful staff try their hardest to make sure your every whim is catered for.  It isn’t the cheapest Sushi bar in town, but it isn’t the most expensive either.

Last night we “walked-in” for a table for 8.  We ordered the Edamame, Miso soup and a few tempura dishes for starters.  The sushi menu is comprehensive offering Sashimi and Nigiri and an amazing array of rolls.  Be warned, this isn’t Wolfgang Puck’s overelaborate take on Sushi or Kobe Steakhouse’s “American versions” … this is true, fresh, well-prepared Sushi.  So much so, that when some Japanese clients of a friend of mine came to town and asked for a Sushi restaurant, I nervously recommended Shiso (after all, I have never been to Japan, nor know what “real sushi” is like).  I needn’t have worried, not only did they enjoy their food … they went back there all three nights they were here.

The only annoying thing about the restaurant is the presence of the 3 TVs, one on CNN and two on Sports, but the sound is turned off, just captioning, but they are a little out of place in such a great restaurant and probably spoil the ambience a little.  However, I suppose if I ran in there at lunchtime, for a quick trip to the Sushi Bar, the TVs would probably not be as annoying as they are during a romantic dinner — not that my three-and-a-half year old allows many of those to happen.

I personally recommend the Sushi & Sashimi platter and I guarantee you have never tasted anything like the Kalbee beef, that is also available as a Kid’s meal.  My wife loves the ice creams and the deep fried cheesecake.  Last night, I tried the intriguing Mexcan Roll (Avocado, Jalapeno & Shrimp), which was amazing and I also love the White Tuna.  Nothing beats Sushi washed down with some Kirin Ichiban and Sake.

Check out the web site and if you try it out tell Chef Bo, Colin says Hi and drop me a comment.

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