Ross Lynch Faces Off With His New Madame Tussauds Orlando Figure

Disney Channel & R5 Star Ross Lynch Faces Off With His New Madame Tussauds Orlando Figure, Madame Tussauds  Orlando, Florida - 21st May 2015 (Photographer: Nigel G Worrall)

Music, film and television star Ross Lynch came face to face with his new wax figure for Madame Tussauds Orlando this morning at the attraction’s new location at I-Drive 360, the entertainment and dining destination on International Drive.

Lynch met with Madame Tussauds artists where more than 300 precise measurements of his head and body were taken to create a perfect replica of the rising star. At the sitting, Lynch and his father were discussing several ideas for his figure’s pose, when he naturally fell into a casual stance that was reflective of his personality. Lynch also provided artists with the clothing and accessories for his figure, including a leather jacket, R5 guitar pick necklace, socks and his signature pink underwear, which he said his fans would expect to see.

 Disney Channel & R5 Star Ross Lynch Faces Off With His New Madame Tussauds Orlando Figure, Madame Tussauds  Orlando, Florida - 21st May 2015 (Photographer: Nigel G Worrall)

“This whole experience with the Madame Tussauds team was so cool,” said Lynch. “I’m excited to see how the figure will look, especially since he’s rocking my pink boxers!”

Lynch made his acting debut on the hit Disney Channel show, Austin & Ally, as lead character Austin Moon. He then played the lead male role in the hit Disney Channel original film, Teen Beach Movie, as Brady, which was filmed on location in Puerto Rico.  Lynch reprises his role in Teen Beach 2, which debuts this summer.

A talented self-taught musician, not only does Lynch sing and dance, he also plays piano, drums, bass and guitar, which ultimately led to the creation of his pop rock band, R5, whose five founding members include three of his siblings. He has released several singles, and sang on all the songs for the Austin & Ally soundtrack. R5’s second studio album, Sometime Last Night, will be released on July 10, 2015.

Madame Tussauds is world-renowned for the creation of detailed and lifelike wax figures that pay homage to A-list celebrities from film and television, sports icons, musicians from all genres, and notable figures from history and pop culture.

Each Madame Tussauds figure is truly a work of art, involving teams of professional artists and sculptors who spend months on extensive research and taking more than 300 measurements to recreate world-famous icons, to achieve the kind of astonishing realism that has been at the heart of the 250-year Madame Tussauds legacy.

Guests at Madame Tussauds Orlando will experience the essence of America with this brand new, immersive and interactive wax experience, bursting with family fun and world-class entertainment, as they move through themed areas meeting all of their favorite stars from award-winning film actors, to historical and modern world leaders, sports stars, music legends as well as figures important to Florida. All visitors can shake hands with the president, get on stage with rock stars and pop princesses, or get up close and personal with a Hollywood heartthrob and take the ultimate selfie!

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Fun Facts:

  • More than 300 measurements were taken to create Ross Lynch’s figure
  • Lynch donated the entire costume his figure is wearing, from the leather jacket and R5 guitar pick necklace, to his socks and signature pink boxers
  • At the sitting, Lynch and his father tried to think of several different poses for his figure, before he fell into a casual stance that reflected his personality
  • It took more than six weeks to sculpt the figure’s head, which weighs as much as a human head at 9.9 pounds
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