Sea Life Coming To Orlando in 2015

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Sea Life Aquarium is opening it’s doors in the heart of Orlando’s International Dive at the newly named I-Walk in Orlando, Florida in Spring 2015.  An official opening date hasn’t been set as the development starts to take shape but Sea Life Orlando will become the seventh addition to the USA for Merlin Entertainments.  

Sea Life is the world’s largest aquarium chain with more than 40 attractions across the world including Asia, Europe, Australasia and the USA. Every centre opens a window into the magical world beneath our seas and offers close encounters for all ages with everything from humble shrimp and starfish to seahorses, sharks and stingrays. Sea Life is also educational as it provides a fascinating insight into the wealth and diversity of marine life.

The aquarium will comprise of a diverse collection of marine and freshwater fish and aquatic invertebrates as well as an ocean tank for fish, sharks and turtles.

The attraction will become a part of a bigger project at I-Walk that will include a 424 foot tall ferris wheel which is scheduled to open later this year.

SEA LIFE’s website is

The move is being welcomed in Orlando and Ray Wise, Vice-Chairman of Central Florida Aquarium Society commented “It’s great to see another cultural attraction coming to the Orlando area. We are excited to see an increased interest in small-scale aquatics. This also means more skilled jobs in our local community.”

Travis Fillmen, Chairman, of Central Florida Aquarium Society added “In addition to what Ray said, It’s a wonderful opportunity for skilled workers in our aquaculture community. SEA LIFE is offering $60-70k/yr salary for their curator position. We look forward to this addition to our already great city.”

The Central Florida Aquarium Society was founded in 1967, and focuses on networking between local and independently-owned aquatics stores, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professionals in the industry.

They also have an aquaculture art exhibit (a fusion of aquaculture, ingenuity, and art), downtown Orlando’s first, coming to the CityArts Factory, February 20, 2014. Details are here:

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