SeaWorld Christmas Celebration – A Huge Hit

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Hyslops Visit SeaWorld

We recently covered some of the events happening at SeaWorld over Christmas and today we’re delighted to share the thoughts of Elizabeth and Gordon Hyslop, who recently won a competition we ran for Florida Leisure home owners. The Hyslop’s, from Fife – Scotland, have owned a home in Florida for some 15 years now and it has been a long time since they last went to SeaWorld. Here’s what they had to say about SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration:

“We probably have not been into Seaworld for about 20 years and certainly do not remember ever having been at Christmas. We had a most enjoyable day at Seaword on Saturday. All 11 hours of our visit proved to be filled with fantastic scenes ,events, shows and more. The Christmas atmosphere generated throughout the park and the decorations were the best we have experienced in Florida. Overall the decorations at Seaworld in our opinion were so much better and modern compared to Disney which are getting to be a little tired – however still great to see , especially compared to what is on offer in most towns/cities across the UK.

Back to Seaworld.   We loved all the shows we managed to see– O Wondrous Night, the dolphin show (went back for a second time so we could really take it all in) the Shamu show (again went during the day and returned for the Christmas version in the evening) We saw the last Ice Spectacular so we could watch the fireworks at 10.55p.m. and of course the Sea of Trees . All brilliant and all well worth the visit. Seaworld has changed quite a bit over the years and all for the better. We really enjoyed walking through the magnificently decorated Sea Gardens. A superb display. We were driving down I4 at 11.30p.m and it was packed. That was a new experience for us too !!”

If you’ve not been to SeaWorld yet, now is the time to go!

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