SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration – The Best Theme Park in Orlando at Christmas!

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So which is the best theme park to visit during the Christmas Holiday period?

A lot of guests visit Orlando simply to go to Walt Disney World and to take in the magic that Disney brings but there’s a secret that most visitors don’t know… and that is… most locals head to SeaWorld Orlando’s Christmas Celebration!

The reason is clear; it’s simply the best theme park in town at this time of year! SeaWorld, unlike other parks, keeps “Christmas” alive whereas the other parks, afraid to upset someone, choose to refer to the festive period as the “Holiday Season.” In short SeaWorld brings the season to the sea and there’s really a lot of fun stuff to do!

You can enjoy a warm hearted holiday experience and meet Santa and Mrs. Claus at Santa’s Fireside feast, an exclusive dinner featuring an all you care to eat menu of holiday favorites and delicious deserts. You also get a complimentary family photo to remember the occasion!

SeaWorld also offers the chance to see some great shows and performances. Shamu Christmas Miracles, Clyde & Seamore’s Countdown to Christmas and my personal favorite, O Wondrous Night are all fantastic shows and they all capture the spirit of Christmas in entirely different ways. Sesame Street friends also come to SeaWorld Orlando for a festive and fun musical celebration. Join Rosita, Grover, Zoe and Cookie Monster as they work together to help Elmo find his Christmas wish!

If you are looking to SeaWorld for some great rides, apart from the fabulous roller coasters, Manta & Kraken and the wild water ride Journey to Atlantis, then head for a wondrous journey to the North Pole aboard The Polar Express. The beloved holiday classic comes to life as you and your family are immersed in the heart-warming story of a young boy’s thrilling ride into an enchanted world. The sights, sounds, and scents of the season surround you. From the moment the conductor calls “all aboard” to your arrival at the North Pole where you’ll meet Santa Claus himself.

The Sea of Trees is a chance to take a walk through a wintery, watery wonderland and immerse yourself in a sea of holiday trees. The glistening forest with over 100 trees sparkles to music and lights up the water… and, your eyes. As the lights literally dance to holiday classics, your heart soars with wonder and delight at this truly awe-inspiring Christmas treat.

Christmas also comes to life on a stage of ice, jewels and light as skaters dazzle and delight in the show-stopping, ice skating extravaganza Winter Wonderland on Ice. The other stars of the show are the towering fountains of water dancing on the lake and fireworks that light up the night sky after the last ice show of the evening. It’s a don’t-miss experience for the holidays that will take your breath away.

So there you have it… SeaWorld Orlando is THE best park at Christmas!

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