SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration

This week sees the start of “Celebrate Christmas at Sea World.” From November 26, 2010 through January 2nd, 2011, Sea World will feature spectacular festivities and unforgettable experiences for you and your entire family.

Among this year Sea World Christmas celebrations include: Shamu Christmas Miracles, Clyde and Seamore’s Countdown to Christmas, Sesame Stree Christmas, Winter Wonderland on Ice, and a grand finale Holiday Fireworks and Fountain Show “Holiday Reflections”.  Other great attractions included in the Christmas Sea World Celebrations are The Polar Express Experience and Sea of Trees.


The moment you arrive at SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration, you’ll feel a wave of holiday spirit splash over you. Carols fill the air, a sparkling sea of trees lights up the water and skaters dance on ice. Here in the wintery, watery wonderland, you can journey to the North Pole on The Polar Express Experience, share a smile with a sea lion, and enjoy stunning live shows inspired by the natural world. With everything from elves to Elmo, and from Santa to Shamu, SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration is where holiday memories are made.


Location: SeaFire Inn at The Waterfront

SeaWorld has created a Polynesian celebration of the season complete with island music, incredible entertainment and a feast that could feed all of Santa’s elves (and the reindeer, too). It’s a truly unique way to see the holiday that includes a fire knife dance to light up the night, island costumes full of color and imagination, and a luau dinner the likes of which you’ve never seen. It’s a festival of culture, community and Christmas – celebrated in true SeaWorld spirit.


Location:  Shamu Stadium

SeaWorld invites you to experience the power and beauty of our Shamu family in an all-new nighttime holiday show: Shamu Christmas… Miracles. Thrilling holiday music and killer whales soar through the air in a story of reflection and understanding…of peace and friendship…of the everyday miracles that surround us all year long. From the sweeping vocal majesty of the angelic choir to the heart-pounding excitement you’ve come to expect from the prince of the deep, this performance will take you and your family on a stirring voyage into the heart of the holidays.


Location:  Wild Arctic

Now boarding! It’s a wondrous journey to the North Pole aboard the legendary Polar Express. The beloved holiday classic comes to life as you and your family are immersed in the heart-warming story of a young boy’s thrilling ride into an enchanted world. The sights, sounds, and scents of the season surround you. From the moment the conductor calls “all aboard” to your arrival at the North Pole (where you’ll meet Santa Claus himself), The Polar Express Experience promises to create an unforgettable holiday memory.


Location:  Seaport Theatre at The Waterfront

Everybody’s Sesame Street® friends have come to SeaWorld for a festive and fun musical celebration! The holidays have arrived, but Abby Cadabby doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about… she’s never heard of Christmas. Through dance, laughter and interactive sing-a-longs, Elmo, Telly Monster and the rest of her Sesame Street friends teach Abby what Christmas means to them. Your little elves will be smiling all the way home.


Location:  Sea Lion & Otter Stadium

Santa’s helpers, Clyde and Seamore, are bringing copious amounts of comedy to Christmas this year. Our loveable sea lions, along with a few mischievous otters and a wintery walrus or two, invite you and yours to their fun-filled holiday celebration. It doesn’t get more holly or jolly than this.


Location:  Bayside Stadium

Christmas comes to life on a stage of ice, jewels and light as skaters dazzle and delight in this show-stopping, ice skating extravaganza. The other stars of the show are the towering fountains of water dancing on the lake and fireworks that light up the night sky after the last ice show of the evening. It’s a don’t-miss experience for the holidays that will take your breath away.


Location:  All Around the Lake

Take a walk through around our winter, water wonderland and immerse yourself in a sea of holiday trees.  Our glistening forest sparkles to music and lights up the water… and, your eyes. As the lights literally dance to holiday classics, your heart will soar with wonder and delight at this truly awe-inspiring Christmas treat.


SeaWorld celebrates the season with soaring fountains, dazzling lights, and festive fireworks, choreographed to joyous holiday musical favorites.  Experience a wondrous SeaWorld Christmas connection that lights the night.


The Village Square is the welcome area to SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration, where towering, illuminated trees shine as brightly as our guests’ faces.  Picturesque bakery and candy shops fill the air with scents of the season that tempt you with delicious holiday treats. This is your window into our wonderland.


Christmas brings out the child in all of us.  That’s probably why everyone feels right at home at SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration, where kids can enjoy all the joy of the holidays along with favorites Clyde and Seamore, Sesame Street and more! Gather the entire family for lunch with Santa at SeaFire Inn, then enjoy a traditional holiday menu for dinner at Sharks Underwater Grill.


‘Tis the season for being together.  Feel the warmth of family as you admire festive ice dancers gliding merrily across the ice, then visit the bustling Christmas Market.  You’ll find something special for that special someone among unique artisans and culinary delights. There’s no cooler place at SeaWorld.


The park is filled with hidden experiences you won’t want to miss. Keep your eye out for collectible ornaments and figurines located in the Waterfront at Under the Sun.  Find licensed Polar Express items, stockings and holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list in the Wild Arctic gift shop.

Make your Holiday cards truly unique by taking your family photo in front of a life-sized Polar Express train car or on the bridge amongst the Sea of Trees.  And no Christmas is complete without a picture taken with Santa in the North Pole (at Wild Arctic).

Memories are made, and captured, at SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration… make sure you visit this holiday season. Here’s a preview video:

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