Snow Storms Hit North East…time for a vacation in warmer places

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I’ve just been reading all the news reports about the snow storm that has taken grip of the north eastern states of the US. Blizzard warnings were in effect for parts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts over the weekend while 16 inches of snow were recorded at Reagan National Airport outside Washington on Saturday – the most ever recorded there for a single December day.

Meanwhile, southern New Jersey had its highest single-storm snowfall in nearly four years, reaching 24 inches in some places.

Nearly 11 inches of snow had fallen on New York City by yesterday morning but meteorologists predicted that it could top the 26 inches seen in February 2006.,

The snow caused the cancellation of flights in and out of Dulles airport in the Washington area, Philadelphia International, New York’s three major airports and Logan Airport in Boston. More than 150 flights were cancelled in and out of Chicago’s airports.

One person in Virginia was killed in a traffic accident caused by icy roads, and authorities said the weather may have contributed to another traffic death there. A third death in Virginia is believed to have been caused by exposure.

In Ohio, two people were killed in accidents on snow-covered roads hit by the same storm system.

Meanwhile here in Florida things have chilled down a little but it’s still pleasant enough to take a well earned vacation and enjoy some family time. If you can’t get here in the next few days then take a look at a video I made earlier today…yes… that bright thing shining on me and the house is THE SUN!

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