So it’s official…we are in a recession!

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Well if today’s reports are true I can’t wait until the good times reappear. Why am I so bulliant?

The simple answer is that we have had our best year ever! Yes, even in a “recession” we have been busier than ever serving families and travellers visiting the Orlando area. Both our vacation home side and our cruise business have done better than ever and I’m very pleased to report we have bucked the trend.

So when retailers are crying out because people aren’t spending money who’s really to blame? Maybe the retailers for expecting people to just come to them perhaps? Well it doesn’t work that way anymore… it’s up to people in business to get out there and grab the business.

People in our sector are also bitching and moaning about the lack of people going on vacation at the moment but some people are still having a great time. OK, they may spend a little less at their destination but they’re still going and having a great time nevertheless.

Which leads to another point…what are all these travel companies doing to get people to them? Well one of the things we introduced was our “Dreams Come True” section. This is really special as it gives our guests a chance to do some really cool and exciting things. How about a tour behind the scenes at Disney, or lunch with an astronaut…or how about driving a rally car? Yes, our guests can do all this if they wish. What can they do at other places? Not a lot from what I see as more and more places make cut backs and fail to deliver an experience a guest really wants. Let’s see…”we went to “X” last year and we did this and that but now they no longer offer it”… guess it doesn’t take too long before they decide to go somewhere else… I know I do!

So, yes we’ve had a great year and I fully expect it to continue. Sure we may see some of the effects of the current slowdown but we can trust our customers and we know full well that they trust us to deliver them a top quality vacation in an Orlando vacation home or on board a fantastic cruise with our sister company,

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