Sounds Like Summer Concert Series Starts This Weekend at Epcot

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The good ole days return to Epcot as select summer nights heat up from June to July with the some of the world’s greatest tribute bands. Classic hits from the likes of U2, The Bee Gees, Bon Jovi and many more will rock during Sounds Like Summer concert series. The high-energy performances take place at the open-air American Gardens Theater in World Showcase.

The schedule (entertainment subject to change without notice):

  • June 10-17: Hotel California ~ A Salute to the Eagles
  • June 18 to 23: Mike DelGuidice & Big Shot ~ The Ultimate Billy Joel Show
  • June 24 to 30: Stayin’ Alive ~ A Tribute to the Bee Gees
  • July 1 to 7: Slippery When Wet ~ The Ultimate Bon Jovi Tribute
  • July 8 to 14: The Police Experience ~ A Tribute to the Police
  • July 15 to 21: SouthBound and Company ~ A Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • July 22 to 28: 2U ~ A Tribute to U2

Show times are 5:45, 7 and 8:15 p.m. – except on July 4 when show times are 5:15, 6:30, 7:45 and 9 p.m. Sounds Like Summer concerts are included with Epcot admission. Here’s a preview of each band…

Hotel California ~ A Salute to the Eagles (pictured above) — From June 10-17 Hotel California ~ A Salute to the Eagles kicks off the Sounds Like Summer concert series. The band was founded with the intent of filling the void left by the demise of The Eagles in 1982. By blending their extraordinary vocal and musical talents, HOTEL CALIFORNIA faithfully and accurately reproduces the sound of the Eagles studio recordings while recreating a classic sound which undeniably transcends the boundaries of Rock, R&B, and Country while delivering a modern, action packed performance that brings this timeless music into the new millennium.

This band, comprised of five respected, multi-talented top music industry professionals, presents a dynamic exciting show saluting the music of The Eagles, a supergroup whose music has proven to have a staying power that few bands lay claim to. Each concert presents an exciting showcase of The Eagles mega-hits such as “Take it Easy”, “Heartache Tonight”, and “Hotel California” as well as newer releases “Get Over It” and “Love will Keep Us Alive”. The group also performs select titles from the solo works of Don Henley, Glen Frey, and Joe Walsh.

Mike DelGuidice & Big Shot ~ The Ultimate Billy Joel Show(pictured above) — From June 18-23 Mike DelGuidice & Big Shot ~ The Ultimate Billy Joel Show will perform during the Sounds like Summer concert series at Epcot. Mike DelGuidice & Big Shot, fronted by the amazing vocals and piano of Michael DelGuidice, a well known, world class, respected, Long Island multi-instrumentalist. He is backed by one of the most dynamic and seasoned bands in the industry. The show is packed with hit after chart-topping hit from Billy Joel’s music in a high energy, interactive stage performance.

Slippery When Wet ~ The Ultimate Bon Jovi Tribute(pictured above)– From July 1-7 Slippery When Wet ~ The Ultimate Bon Jovi Tribute will perform during the Sounds like Summer concert series at Epcot.

The Tribute Band is a group of seasoned veterans of the New York and New Jersey music scene. Raised on the same mean streets and reared in many of the same bars and nightclubs as Jon and the band, these experienced rockers bring the same energy, enthusiasm, and New Jersey attitude to the stage as the early Bon Jovi, circa 1986!

SLIPPERY WHEN WET (NJ) has been perfecting their show for the past ten years and are going stronger than ever. Singer Mike Parkes bears an uncanny resemblance to a young Jon Bon Jovi right down to the wardrobe. His vocal range nails all of the highest notes as he brings to life the high-energy stage presence of Jon in his youth. Combined with Radicci’s incredible likeness to a young Richie Sambora, whose blazing guitar solos nail every note as if you were listening to the original recordings, you get a front line rivaled only by Jon and Richie themselves. Supporting this amazing frontline is the rock solid rhythm section comprised of Sean Faust on keyboards, Ronnie Parkes on bass and Tommy John on drums. Complete with pristine backing vocals this group of Jersey Boys is a force to be reckoned with in any venue!

Since 2001 SLIPPERY WHEN WET (NJ) has toured the USA and the Caribbean and has performed over 500 shows including nightclubs, casinos, large festivals, private parties, and corporate events.

The Police Experience~ A Tribute to the Police (pictured above)– From July 8-14 The Police Experience~ A Tribute to the Police will perform during the Sounds like Summer concert series at Epcot.   THE POLICE EXPERIENCE is the most authentic Police tribute band in the world; performing nationally and internationally to deliver the ultra high-energy show The Police were known for in the 1980s. This highly acclaimed tribute to the Police has even won the praise of Stewart Copeland himself, who said of the band…

“…every nuance, all the drum parts, and the singer has Sting down to a tee… “

In 2003, Ian Copeland, founder of Frontier Booking International (FBI), heard the band and immediately had them perform for an audience that included Stewart Copeland and Miles Copeland; founder of IRS records and manager of The Police. Upon hearing the band, Stewart himself jumped up on stage and sat in with THE POLICE EXPERIENCE, tearing the house down with “Driven to Tears” and “Roxanne.” For the band it was an honor and a solid affirmation of their efforts to play with one of the world’s most talented rock drummers ever and the founding member of The Police. Miles Copeland said of the band…

“…the best copy band I have seen to date…close your eyes and it’s my boys…”

In 2007, the band became the subject of the award winning documentary “Tribute Bands”, which appeared on Canadian National television. They were also featured in an article by BBC News reporter Stephen Robbs about Police tribute bands and the Police reunion. Later that year, they were hired to perform pre-show/after show parties during the two nights The Police played Fenway Park on their reunion tour.

In 2009, the band got the attention of long time Stewart Copeland disciple Taylor Hawkins, of The Foo Fighters, who invited David Rasner, (“Sting”), and Jimbo Head, (“Andy”), to his house to jam. Hawkins was so taken with the authenticity and talent of the band, that he played an entire show with them 2 days later. Hawkins, who still does shows with THE POLICE EXPERIENCE, had this to say of the band…

“…All of sudden I was transported back to 1983… they knew every single Police song perfectly… it might have been the awesomest, funnest, most musically satisfying experiences…this guy sounds exactly like Sting…”

THE POLICE EXPERIENCE’s drummer, Mike Nieland, has the remarkable ability to copy Stewart Copeland’s complicated drum style note for note. As a result, Nieland has been featured in the international drum press where he talked about emulating Copeland’s technique. In 2007 Nieland himself had the opportunity to interview Stewart Copeland for Guitar Center’s “GC BACKSTAGE” viral video series.

The band continues to thrill audiences from Montreal to Trinidad, from San Diego to Nova Scotia. They remain unmatched by any other Police tribute band for their authenticity. THE POLICE EXPERIENCE is as close as it gets to the real thing… “Roxanne,” “Walking On The Moon,” “Every Breath You Take, Don’t Stand So Close to Me….” you’ll hear all your favorite Police songs, you’ll get transported back to the 80’s, you’ll experience what it was like to see one of the world’s best bands in their prime.

SouthBound and Company ~ A Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd (pictured above) — From July 15-21 SouthBound and Company ~ A Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd will perform during the Sounds like Summer concert series at Epcot.

Some years back Darryl Reed asked a fellow musician a simple question, “Where are all the great Southern Rock Tribute acts?” Before his friend could answer, Darryl had made up his mind to fulfill a lifelong dream to front a Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute act.  His new band SouthBound and Company, would be the vehicle to launch that dream!

Florida born Darryl Reed plays the role of Ronnie VanZant with an uncompromising, no nonsense approach to all of his vocals. Multifaceted lead guitarist Mike F has spent the last several years studying the guitar workings of Rossington, Collins, Gaines as well as Ed King. As a result Mike “Dorsal” F seamlessly moves from slide guitar, to intricate double leads to wailing hard edged solos and back!

Accomplished Yucaipa drummer/percussionist Michael Hunter has read books and reviewed hours of video focusing on the style of Artemus Pyle. Michael Hunter is a harder hitting version of this great drummer. Corona bassist Pete Madary provides a unique ‘70’s brand of play, trademark high harmonies and a sense of humor not unlike the always unpredictable Leon Wilkeson.

So let Southbound and Company take you on a trip back through time!

2U ~ A Tribute to U2 (pictured above) – From July 22 to 28 will perform at Epcot.

When one experiences a 2U show, they come away feeling as though they’ve just seen a live U2 show in an intimate setting, at a fraction of the ticket price. The reviews speak for themselves. Gaining widespread notoriety through tireless touring, in the years they’ve been performing, they have become the absolute best U2 tribute band that the world has to offer. The utmost attention has been paid to detail. It’s not enough these days to play a band’s music to the note, which this band does second to none. 2U recreates a live U2 show. While their lead vocalist is indeed a dead ringer for Bono, all of the band-members actually resemble their respective counter-part in U2 as well.

Company take you on a trip back in time!on a trip back in Some years back singer Darryl

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