Spring Training in Orlando – Astros v Braves

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Spring Training is well underway here in Orlando and for most visitors to the area that means they are spoiled for choice if they wish to see a game of baseball. The Houston Astros are at Osceola County Stadium while the Atlanta Braves occupy the ESPN Wide World of Sports at Walt Disney World. Where’s it to be?

Personally, I’d recommend a trip to the Astros. It’s simply friendlier and easier to get to. Find US 192, head east and you’ll hit the Osceola County Stadium whereas finding the Wide World of Sports is a little more complex if you aren’t heading in along the Osceola Parkway.

Then there’s the two teams to consider and the price you’ll pay. Frankly, the Astros is so much better a deal. The Braves seem to want to extort from people and you’ll find their ticket prices so much more expensive… I mean a whooping $47 minimum to see them in action against the Yankees compared to a mere $18 at the Astros!  Take a look..here’s the Astros ticket info:

OK, the Braves will say they’re the more accomplished team and they’d have an argument, but, and it’s a huge but… this is called “Spring Training” for a reason. Yes, that means you don’t know who you’ll get to see on the day… and that means you could be paying a whole lot more to see their second string players. Here’s the Braves schedule and you’ll see what I mean about the ticket prices.

So, we’ve now established that the Braves are a whole lot more expensive. What else should you consider when making your decision?

How about the stadium where you’ll spend four to five hours of your life?  OK, we’ll admit that Disney has built a very fine venue at the Wide World of Sports but is it really any better for watching the game. I’d say no. You get pretty much the same view at both stadiums. No stadium has a viewing area any better than the other in my opinion, so you’ll have to consider other factors like how easy to get into the stadium is it?

The Astros is really very simple. Follow US 192 to the Osceola County stadium and turn in. Then park your car without any fuss and walk a few yards to the turnstile. At Disney you’ll have quite a distance to walk and if it’s a really busy game, you can expect to find delays in parking, a long walk to the stadium and then delays getting out again. At Wide World of Sports, there’s only one way in and out whereas the Osceola County Stadium has several ways to enter and exit!

Now let’s take a look at the concessions. Food and drink is virtually always overpriced at a stadium but it’s a lot more expensive on Disney property than virtually anywhere else. Take it from me, this can really spoil your enjoyment if you feel you’re being ripped off for a bottle of water or a pretzel! And, it can get real expensive real quick if you have a large family in tow.

Finally, there’s history and the fact that everyone loves the underdog. With the Astros only having one World Series appearance, in 2005 against the Chicago White Sox, compared to the Braves three major league titles, its pretty clear who thinks they are the top dog in town. There’s an attitude some folks don’t like about the Atlanta team and much of it stems from the time when Ted Turner bought the franchise and called it “America’s Team.” It’s thinking and arrogance like that that sometimes counts against you and folks then love to watch you lose.

Earlier, I called the Astros experience “friendlier” and I’d stand by it. There’s none of the brashness or the arrogance and you sense they are an outfit who really appreciate the opportunity to be in the Orlando area rather than their rivals who seem to think of it as a right. So, what to do… here’s the Astros schedule… pick a game and go along and enjoy….

Have fun! You can always go and watch a game at both stadiums….and if you do… leave me a note with your thoughts about both experiences.

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