STAR TREK LIVE at Kennedy Space Center

Yesterday I talked about the exciting new exhibition at Kennedy Space Center called STAR TREK : The Exhibition and as promised, today, I’m going to talk about STAR TREK LIVE. The show is an exciting and interactive stage show that brings Vulcan’s and humans together on an exhilarating journey only a few miles away from where history was made and mankind’s greatest adventure began at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. The show transforms audience members into Starfleet Academy Cadets and takes them on an unforgettable live theatrical experience for fans of all ages. With a combination of fun special effects and audience interaction, Cadet’s learn to use space-age technology and become immersed in a future of space adventure.

Produced by Mad Science® Productions, under a license from CBS Consumer Products, STAR TREK LIVE introduces a world of discovery by combining science with entertainment to teach and encourage scientific literacy. In the show, the audience portrays new Starfleet cadets assembled for the first day at the Starfleet Academy led by its best and brightest. The new cadets will have to learn quickly the intricacies of living and working in space, modern space travel and the latest in communication and technology to fend off a Romulan attack on Earth.

“NASA and Star Trek have a long, parallel history together, and we hope to inspire visiting families with the fun and educational story of space exploration through this engaging stage show,” said Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Chief Operating Officer Bill Moore. “A sense of science has been given to science-fiction through Star Trek, and NASA transforms this incredible journey into reality.”

STAR TREK LIVE is presented a minimum of three times daily at the 300-seat Astronaut Encounter Theater and for more information about the live action show, call Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex at 877-313-2610 or visit

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