Stars of the Future…Olivia Bennett, Martina Butler and Chelsea Eubanks

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From the left Olivia Bennett, Martina Butler, Nigel Worrall and Chelsea Eubank
From the left Olivia Bennett, Martina Butler, Nigel Worrall and Chelsea Eubank

I was a fortunate guy today as I got to meet three bright young ladies who will be, if not already, stars of the future.

Today they are achieving great things and anyone who has kids should rush out (adults can learn as well!) and buy a copy of “The Richest Kids in America” book and read some of the stories that are currently taking place for some of the brightest young entrepreneurial minds in the US today.

Olivia Bennett – is a leukemia survivor and she credits her ordeal with helping her to find stength and understanding that she otherwise would not have developed at such a young age. She is 19 years old and she is a recognised art prodigy who found her artistic gift at the very young age of 5. Her work has been compared with Georgia O’Keeffe and Claude Monet. She has appeared on national TV including Oprah and the Today Show and in 2003 she was named “One of Twenty Teens Who Will Change the World” by Teen People Magazine.

Martina Butler – was the first teenager to recieve corporate sponsorship for a podcast. Nature’s Cure were the first to recognise her talents and she continues to get more exposure and requests from other major companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Kmart and Cover Girl Cosmetics. Her ambition is to become a national television host and she’s well on the way to achieving her goal.

Chelsea Eubank – is the 21 year old CEO of Faithful Fish, a Christian based clothing line worth over $1 million. The company came into being after a series of tragic losses including the death of her father when she was just 17. Chelsea looked at the clothing market and decided that there was nothing that really appealed to her so she created her own line.

It’s truly fantastic to see such young folks having the ambition and drive to want to make something of their lives. I wish them all the best for the future.

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