Steelers last gasp win

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Santonio Hughes celebrates the game winning touchdown

Santonio Hughes celebrates the game winning touchdown

The score will go down in history as a win to the Pittsburgh Steelers by 27 to 23 over Arizona Cardinals but it’s a game that will go down in folklore as one of the best ever…but here’s my confession, I’m not even a fan of football American style. So even with that being the case I still sat down and watched a lot of the game last night and I was totally enthralled as the clock ticked away and the pendulum swung both ways.

With 2 minutes and 30 seconds to go the Cardinals moved ahead for the first time in the game and it seemed all over for the Steelers. They knew better however and with just 35 seconds on the clock they managed to conjure up a touch down that will be remembered forever. It was the finest of margins and even after video replay had been looked at several times it was still a knife edge decision that rightly went in favor of the Steeler’s.

So with this win they now have 6 Lombardi Trophies to make them the “winningest” team in Superbowl history. It also makes them “World Champions”. Not quite sure what the rest of the world makes of that but last night America showed everyone they can host an event like no other nation. From start to finish it was superb entertainment…and who knows, I may even get to like the game called football that is actually played with the hands.

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