Stefanie Powers visits Delray Beach to give talk on life and William Holden Wildlife Foundation

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Stefanie Powers, Old School Square Crest Theatre, Delray Beach, Florida - 7th April 2016 (Photographer: Nigel G. Worrall)

Actress Stefanie Powers visited Delray Beach yesterday and enthralled a sold out audience with tales of her life journey and her work with the William Holden Wildlife Foundation. Powers spoke at the small but charming Crest Theatre and the audience was the first to see the new short version of a new documentary that she has been working on in recent times. It will be available soon on

Prior to the talk we were lucky enough to grab a few minutes to chat to Stefanie about Hollywood, the William Holden Wildlife Foundation, the care and treatment of animals, SeaWorld, her autobiography “One From The Heart” and the cycle of life.

Powers had never considered writing an autobiography until two life-altering experiences happened in 2009 when her mother, Julie, died at age 96, and just a few weeks later, Powers, who smoked for many years, had the upper lobe of her right lung removed after being diagnosed with lung cancer. As she was recovering from the loss of her mother and her cancer surgery, Powers discovered that her mom had been writing diaries and collecting memorabilia about her. Going through the items her mother left, Powers thought it might be time to reflect on her life and to set the record straight about her relationship with William Holden.

It was an interesting discussion Take a listen.

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