Survey Ranks Orlando International Airport Among Top U.S. Airports

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Travel & Leisure Magazine has announced the results of its annual “World’s Best Awards” survey and Orlando International Airport was ranked among the nation’s top five domestic airports. From December 2, 2013 through March 31, 2014, the magazine’s readers were invited to vote for their favorite airport based on several criteria involving logistics and convenience.

“Being voted one of the top five airports in the nation by Travel and Leisure Magazine is proof that our goal to be the best airport in the world is not out of reach,” says Frank Kruppenbacher, Chairman of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. “This award gives us motivation to continue on the path of providing our more than 35 million annual passengers with excellent customer service and with a world-class experience.”


In the airport category, voters were asked to assess the quality of: location/access; check-in/security; restaurants/food; shopping; and design with an option for either business or families. For each characteristic, respondents were asked to rate a candidate on a 5-point scale of Excellent, Above average, Average, Below average and Poor. Required component ratings were then averaged, creating an overall score.

Orlando International Airport’s overall ranking rose from 11th in 2013 to fifth in 2014.

Basic MCO information:

Orlando International Airport, with 35 million annual passengers, is the second busiest airport in Florida and 14th busiest in the U.S. The airport has 18,000 badged employees and generates $26 billion in direct and indirect revenue for the regional economy. Orlando International Airport strives to value and delight its customers through a design concept known as The Orlando Experience®.

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