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Space Shuttle Endeavour Lifts Off

Space Shuttle Endeavour blasted off on the penultimate shuttle flight yesterday morning under the command of Mark Kelly, the husband of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. The wounded congresswoman was at Kennedy Space Center and watched the launch in an undisclosed private location. Endeavour is headed for the International Space Station for one final time before heading […]

30 Years Ago Today Space Shuttle Flights Began

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30 years ago today Columbia and its crew of NASA astronauts John Young and Robert Crippen blasted off to begin three decades of shuttle missions with a first test flight that has been called the boldest ever. Columbia left earth at 7.00am on 12th April, 1981, to venture into space on a shake down mission […]

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Discovery Launch Footage from Kennedy Space Center

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Here’s some video our team took live from Kennedy Space Center a couple of days ago of the final launch of Space Shuttle Discovery.

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Discovery Finally Launches

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It was almost four months late but Space Shuttle Discovery blasted off under clear blue skies this afternoon on its final mission to the International Space Station before it is retired next month. The 27-year-old orbiter, with a crew of six astronauts, roared from the launchpad at Kennedy Space Center at 4:53 p.m. as tens […]

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The US shuttle Discovery rolled out for what should be its final mission last night. The orbiter, bathed in bright xenon light, completed its slow 3.4 mile journey to the Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Pad 39A overnight. Discovery’s flight to the International Space Station is scheduled to begin on 24 February all being well. The […]

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So Long Atlantis

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Bitter sweet morning here in Central Florida as Space Shuttle Atlantis has now returned to Earth for the final time. It was a fabulous sight as Atlantis and its six man crew swept in over Florida and made a picture perfect landing. Atlantis was commissioned to be built on 29 January 1979 and it’s first […]

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Mission: SPACE at Epcot

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Another great attraction at Epcot is Mission: SPACE and it’s a fantastic simulation of what an astronaut aboard a spacecraft on a mission to Mars might experience. You can really feel the G-Force at blast off and it is possible to feel a little nauseous at this time before the ride becomes a lot gentler […]

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Shuttle Discovery launches successfully

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Space shuttle Discovery with its crew of seven astronauts roared into orbit this morning. It was a wonderful site to see it arcing over the horizon just before sunrise as it started its journey to the International Space Station. There are now just three launches left as the agency races to stock the space station […]

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Endeavour …Early Morning Launch

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Space Shuttle Endeavour, carrying the last major piece of the International Space Station, is poised for launching before sunrise on Sunday, the last planned nighttime liftoff of a shuttle ever. The launch is the first of the year as the shuttle program enters its home stretch of five missions this year. The four flights after […]

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Last night was yet again one of those occassions where it’s great to be alive and living in Florida. We got to see a terrific launch as Space Shuttle Discovery set off to the International Space Station. This time Discovery had on board the final set of solar arrays which are needed to complete the […]

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