Tavistock Cup – Day 1

The first day at the Tavistock Cup at the beautiful venue of Isleworth Golf & Country Club has come to an end and it’s been a fascinating day’s play as Team Isleworth led the way with -30 in the better ball stroke play format. Following closely behind is Team Albany at -28, Team Nona -25 and Team Queenland -16.

This year marks a departure from the previous seven years as  Team Isleworth and Team Nona are now joined by Team Albany and Team Queenland to spruce up the contest and hopefully expand the contest even further. There is a huge amount of golf talent at this event and it has elevated the Tavistock Cup to new levels and that can only be good news both for the tournament and also for the Tavistock Foundation. The Tavistock Foundation has donated millions of dollars to local, national and international charities since the tournament’s inception back in 2004.

So all in all it means, More Teams, More Players, More Colors, More Fun and of course, a whole lot more golf to enjoy.

Tomorrow sees the individual stroke play format come into play and that means each player will play their own ball rather than posting a better ball score as per today. Today it was the three best better ball scores that counted and tomorrow it will be the top six individual scores that will count the most. It promises to be a fascinating day’s play from the time it starts, 10.50am thru the closing ceremonies at approximately 5.00pm tomorrow evening.

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