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Have you ever watched your children sending or receiving text messages on mobile phones or in chat rooms, but can’t understand a word of what’s being said? The Internet fuels adult and youth life in America and we must prepare to face the new habits that Internet use embraces, especially in the young.

One of these habits is the development of acronyms to keep youth messages short and secret.  Following is a list of some of the more disturbing acronyms every parent must know, they will help keep your children safe.


POS:  Parents over shoulder 

PIR:  Parents in room 

P911:  Parents alert

PAW:  Parents are watching

PAL:  Parents are listening

ASL:  Male or female

SorG:  Straight or gay

LMIRL:   Let’s meet in real life

KPC:  Keeping parents clueless


420:   Lets get high


S2R:   Send to receive (meaning send me your picture to get mine)

TD2M:  Talk dirty to me

IWSN:  I want sex now

NIFOC:  Nude in front of computer

GYPO:  Get your parents off

ADR:  Address

WYCM:  Will you call me?

KFU:  Kisses for you

MOOS:  Member of opposite sex

MOSS:  Member of same sex

NALOPKT:  Not a lot of people know this


D46:  Down for Sex

You can download a full list by clicking this link www.floridaleisureblog.com/text.pdf.

Help keep your younger loved ones safe.

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